Monday, 28 September 2015

Lust List: Winter Boots

When people ask me whether I prefer summer or winter I really struggle to reply. I love sunshine, being tanned, bright summer evenings and wearing sunglasses but I also love being warm inside the house when the evenings draw in earlier, wearing huge scarves and most of all buying a new winter coat and boots.

This year I feel like I have received more emails than ever before of super deals from literally all of my favourite shops which makes life exceedingly hard when I am sat at work checking my emails - my wage is spent before it even arrives!

I've devised a list of my top 5 current favourites to help you make an informed boot-buying decision, (pair number 1 will be mine when I take advantage of my sister's student status at the Leeds Trinity student lock-in this Tuesday).

1. Office £80

2. Zara £69.99 (Do they count as a boot? I'm going to say yes)

3. H&M £29.99

4. ASOS £45

5. Topshop £98

As you can tell I'm really into ankle boots at the minute as my knee high Zara beauties are still going strong from last year. If I could afford to buy all five pairs I definitely would but I need to remind myself I only have one pair of feet to remain sensible...

I reckon my choices are all pretty love or hate, so what do you think?



  1. Love your choice dolly, great booties!


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