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November according to my iPhone:

Lots of birthday baking
Eating too many sweet treats
Visiting the Homage2Fromage pop-up restaurant
Weekend trip to Belfast
The start of properly cold weather
Seeing my lovely London based friends
Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
Mulled wine and hot cider
Pretty Christmas lights


Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday Deals

With the amount of online retailers offering Black Friday and Cyber Weekend deals it's hard to see all the best ones for yourself so I've done the hard work for you and picked out some of my favourites. There are hundreds more especially on electrical goods at retailers such as John Lewis and Currys if you are on the hunt for a new tablet or laptop but these are my fashion picks... happy shopping!

  • Missguided - 50% off Party Wear with code WOW50 (7am - 9am on 27th Nov only)
  • Missguided - 20% off everything with code CYBER20 (27th Nov - 29th Nov)
  • Oliver Bonas - 30% off sale items (applied automatically at the checkout)
  • Zara - 20% off T-shirts, Outerwear, Knitwear and Boots (27th Nov only)
  • ASOS - 20% off everything with code CYBER (27th - 29th Nov)
  • Topshop - up to 50% off selected lines (26th Nov - 30th Nov)
  • Urban Outfitters - up to 50% off everything (27th - 29th Nov)
  • River Island - up to 50% off your winter want list (27th - 29th Nov)
  • Harvey Nichols - 25% off fashion and accessories however if you download the rewards app you will receive 35% off
  • Hollister - 25% off entire purchase with code 35503 (27th Nov only)
  • All Saints - 30% off with code CYBER (27th - 29th Nov)
  • Debenhams - half price Women's Designer Knitwear (27th Nov only)
  • Debenhams - VAT free fragrance gift sets (27th Nov only)
  • Pandora - Silver chain bracelet with 1 charm and 2 clips for £99 (RRP £160) click here
  • Kiko Milano - 30% off all purchases online and "buy 3 get 3 free" offer on all products in store (26th - 29th Nov)
  • Aspinal of London - 20% off all purchases (automatically applied at the checkout)
  • Whistles - 20% off everything in store and online (26th - 30th Nov)
  • Office - 20% off full price styles with code SNOW 
  • GAP - 40% off full price styles with code FRIDAYGAP (27th - 29th Nov)
  • H&M - 25% off £75 with code 3261, 15% off £50 with code 3260, 10% off £25 with code 3258 (27th Nov only)
  • Motel - 30% off everything with code CYBER30
  • Goldie London - 25% off with code BLACKFRIDAY25 (27th Nov only)
  • Public Desire - 20% off everything with code CYBERBAE (27th - 29th Nov)
  • Pretty Little Thing - 50% off everything plus free delivery (27th Nov)
  • Monki - 25% off coats (27th - 29th Nov)
  • Monki - 20% off everything (30th Nov)
  • The Outnet - up to 80% off starting 27th Nov (go and grab your designer goods!)

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Interior: Bedroom

I don't know about you but my favourite blog posts to read and videos to watch are ones that tell you more about the person you are watching. I love seeing room tours and daily vlogs because you get to be that little bit nosier and find out what goes on behind the professional front that you usually see. 

I moved in to my flat in July and it was completely unfurnished which I was initially put off by due to the expense of furnishing the whole place but in hinds sight I'm really happy that it was. I've spent the last three years as a student living in bedrooms full of mismatched furniture and made a half-hearted effort to put my mark on them. I didn't really want to spend loads of money decorating a room that I would only be in for a year, plus when you're at University you rarely spend any time in your room. 

This time I had a fresh canvas and was ready for the challenge of decorating on a budget which I feel like I managed pretty well. As much as I struggle to admit it I'm definitely a girly-girl at heart and steering away from the blush pink and nude theme was a big refreshing step for me. I decided to stick to white and grey and also de-cluttered along the way and I love how it turned out. 

Top image:
Dressing table - Dunelm Mill
Jewel fairy lights and "18" decorations - presents so I'm not sure where they are from, sorry!
Brush holder (that every man and his dog owns) - IKEA

Bottom images:
Bedframe - IKEA
White stripe bed set - BHS
Cushion covers - H&M
Dreamcatcher - this was a birthday present but I think it's from Urban Outfitters
String of fairy lights - IKEA

Jewellery/trinket box - Ibiza 
Mosaic style candle holder - Turkey 
Cacti - IKEA 

Alien - Thierry Mugler
Viva la Juicy - Juicy Couture
Daisy Dream - Marc Jacobs

Pearled Jasmine candle - Clintons
Cactus - IKEA

Make-up storage - TK Maxx
Bubble lamp and desk chair - IKEA

Yorkshire Soap Company
Boux Aveunue

Glass and metal candle holder - this was a present but I think it's from M&S
Beaded photo frame - TK Maxx
Mosaic tea light holder - My mum's

The Ice Twins - S. K. Tremayne
The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
Us - David Nicholls


Friday, 6 November 2015


October according to my iPhone

The start of Autumn
Adding the finishing touches to the flat 
Half-hearted Halloween (my outfit that is.. Halloween itself didn't disappoint)
Weekend in Manchester ft. fun night at Warehouse Project
Joining a new gym
A sudden obsession with mangoes
The last of the summery sunsets
Continuing to eat out.. against my own rules (oops)
Sticking to a running regime
Too much cocktail and gin drinking


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

No-Spend November

I can't believe it's November, where has this year gone? (I say that every year but honestly this year has flown). If you're in the same position as me you will be thanking the stars above that last week was EVENTUALLY pay day after a long, long five week month.

Yesterday marked a whole five months in my first full-time "grown up" job (happy almost-half-year work anniversary to me!) and I've almost accepted that I am no longer a student but it appears my student overdraft is still looming - more prominently than ever. So, I've decided to do something about it.

I know lots of students were lucky enough to never have to use an overdraft but unfortunately when you only receive enough loan to just cover the price of your rent and still want to have a life then sometimes it means you have to make use of whatever is on offer. (I did also have two part time jobs throughout my third year of University as well as a loan so evidently I just have a spending habit, oops).

This month I have made a budget - I can't actually believe I am budgeting like an adult. I got paid on Thursday and worked out how much of my wage I'd have left after my rent and bills then I allowed myself £30 for petrol and £30 for my Halloween weekend out in Newcastle (optomistic I know) which left me with.. not a lot.

When I divided the remaining amount by the amount of days left in the month I was left with £11.31 a day and thought to myself, hang on, that's actually not so bad at all. There's no real reason to need to spend £11 every single day and it makes me wonder what on earth I usually spend my wage on so quickly and why I end up dabbling in my overdraft towards the end of the month.

I'm determined to spend on only essentials throughout the week and stop splashing out on lunch, going out for dinner a silly number of times a week and buying unnecessary coffee (you don't realise how much that daily skinny capp adds up to until you cut it out). The plan is that saving during the week will leave me with enough money to do something fun on a weekend. This way I can also enjoy a leisurely weekend instead of living every day that way without the funds to support it like I usually do...

Here's the five main changes/challenges I have given myself that I hope will make a difference:

  • Only one mid-afternoon coffee as a weekly treat
  • No purchase of ANY clothes for the full month
  • Use all ingredients in the fridge/freezer before doing another food shop (this one is also to decrease food waste)
  • Try and make enough dinner for to have for lunch the next day instead of going to the shop everyday
  • Learn to say no to social invites - you don't need to go for every meal/drink you are invited to (hopefully this will help me recharge my batteries after a busy few months)

I'm actually really excited to see if I can stick to it. I managed my whole weekend in Newcastle with a mere £30 spending money so let's see how much I can really save this month.

Let me know if you're doing anything similar!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Lust List: Faux Fur Coats

I love this time of year, it's cold enough to start wearing a coat but not yet cold enough for you to hate the weather and not want to leave the house. Autumn is the perfect time to show off your favourite pieces before the baltic conditions of December are upon us and you're actually more bothered about wrapping up in scarves and gloves to keep warm than what you look like.

Fur coats are probably my favourite type of coat - however impractical they may be in damp and dreary weather there is no denying they just look that bit sassier than any other coat - and everyone loves a bit of sass.

So, here's my round up of the ten best high street (faux) fur coats..

Zara, £69.99
The burnt orange colour of this beauty from Zara reminds me of a vintage 1920's coat and I love it - it's pretty high on my pay day wishlist (along with the whole of Zara).

Missguided, £40
Perfect for evening drinks when the nights are chilly but you still want to look glamorous (if you buy before midnight on 26th October you can use the code 'brr20' to get 20% off all coats and jackets - bargain)

I don't usually shop in Dorothy Perkins but I saw this jacket on an online advert the other day and it caught my eye. I love the mint colour and also the cropped fit.

Warehouse £69
This coat is one of my favourite all-rounders. As the model shows it looks great with a casual plain black outfit that you could wear for a day out shopping but it would look equally great over a dress on a winter's evening.

ASOS £75 
As soon as I saw this it reminded me of Kate Moss. It looks like one of those coats you could shove on over a boring old outfit and suddenly look effortlessly cool. Plus it's leopard print so what's not to love?

Zara £69.99 
Another Zara number because Zara just know how to do coats.. and everything else for that matter. I also think there's something about this that looks a lot more expensive than it is which is always a bonus.
Tesco F&F £39 
I know, Tesco! Can you believe it? I couldn't. I actually saw this and another Tesco faux fur coat in a magazine yesterday and was super impressed as I would never usually think to shop there. I honestly think this could be mistaken for Topshop Unique and it's a fraction of the price.

Goldie London £89
Firstly, hair envy. Short bob and platinum blonde are two things I will probably never experience. Secondly, how gorgeous is this coat! The colour is everywhere at the minute and perfect for Autumn.
Goldie London £94
As much as I feel like I've parted ways with being an ultra girly girl there is something about the colour pink that I just can't help but love and I just love everyyyything about this blush pink beauty.

Topshop (by Goldie) £79
Last but certainly not least - and sticking with the pink theme - this longline fluffy number is sure to brighten up a dull wintery day and will keep you looking cosy and cute.

I literally can't wait for pay day this month - is it just me or has it been the longest month ever? I'm tempted to treat myself to the lovely brown Zara coat but I have promised myself to be sensible with money in November and only spend on essentials (we'll see how long that lasts). Let me know below which is your favourite!


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

21 Things You Realise at 21 Years Old

In August I hit the ripe old age of 21 (that was a joke by the way - it's hard to convey sarcasm over the Internet). Jokes aside, I do now feel I can fully class myself as an adult, and upon reaching adulthood there has been a few realities that hit me harder than expected along the way.

1. Working 9-5 is a lot more exhausting than it first seems - think about it, when is the last time you actually sat and concentrated for a whole 8 hours at a time? (well, yes there may be a lunch break but it's still hard I promise)

2. Nobody warns you about council tax - life is fine and dandy when you move out at 18 to embark on a tax-free student life for the next three or four years. You graduate, you find a job, you find a nice flat then, like a slap in the face... council tax hits you

3. From somewhere comes a sudden obsession with home interior. You are as willing to part with your money over a cushion as you once were for a pair of shoes (but obviously you still love shoes too)

4. Food fills your thoughts for a good 80% of the day. "Oh it's 10am which means I've been at work an hour, which means I deserve a snack" either with age comes a hefty appetite or thinking about food is just a form of procrastination

5. The cliché and slightly embarrassing motto 'live for the weekend' is actually relevant to you now. The thought of a proper night out and a whole day at work with a hangover is just, well, not even worth thinking about

6. You've suddenly started eating more poached eggs and avocado than you thought was humanly possible

7. One day you will realise that you actually like red wine and love a gin and tonic. When did that happen?

8. Food shopping at Waitrose is as exciting as clothes shopping. Pecorino and Basil dip - life changing (and also essential for crisp and dip evenings)

9. Which nicely leads to how you would much prefer a civilised wine and cheese soiree *cue the crisps and dip* over a night out (sometimes anyway)

10. Somehow you seem to have less money than when you only worked part time at 16. Maybe it was that £10 lunch yesterday? Or going out for dinner the night before? Or maybe you actually just spend all of your money on food...

11. You've reached the point where you are willing to try proper 'adult' food (squid, olives etc. etc.) and when you actually like them you are secretly proud of yourself for being such a cultured individual

12. For some reason you seem to be constantly running adult like errands such as "nipping to the Post Office" or "calling at the bank" and there is always a queue

13. How does one person create so much washing?! Now you know why your mum was fed up of life when you used to put clothes in the wash after wearing them for an hour. Soz mum

14. Toasters and irons and all that kind of fun stuff are something you really don't want to spend your money on. Who knew a pretty toaster and kettle set would set you back £100?

15. All of the childhood sweethearts you went to school with start getting engaged, having babies and paying a mortgage. CRAZINESS

16. If you're not in bed by 11pm you are instantly stressed about how tired you will be the next day. Gone are the days of student nights out and 4 hours sleep before a 9am lecture

17. You spend your days planning potential trips away in the sun and then realise you now only have a set number of holidays for the WHOLE year... Nooooooo

18. People start talking to you about pensions and different kinds of loans and it's all very confusing

19. You have reached the age where, if you're feeling like it, you can wear your smartest clothes for no apparent reason and get away with it (without looking like an overdressed child which is always a bonus)

20. You start to think about joining some kind of extra curricular activity like book club - or running club if you're cool like me - because you realise there are really not that many ways of meeting your significant other without a hobby (I actually just really like running but if I could meet my hubby along the way that would also be ok)

21. Even though with age comes responsibility, it's also fun to grow up so embrace it, enjoy it and you will be a happy little adult (most of the time - sometimes it's ok to be sad and get a McDonald's)


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Thursday, 15 October 2015

My ASOS Halloween Picks

I’m totally undecided about my outfit for Halloween – it usually ends up being a super last minute dash to the nearest fancy dress shop and queuing for at least a good half hour with all the other lazy/unorganised fellows.

This year I’m going back to Newcastle for a night out with all of my University friends so I’ve been browsing the web for some Halloween inspiration and absolutely love the cute Halloween bits from ASOS. I think a simple outfit allows you to concentrate more on impressive make-up so I’m thinking one of the skeleton dresses - then to scour YouTube for ideas on a spooky skeleton look (preferably one that’s pretty easy to follow because stage make-up is just not my forte).

 Halloween Metallic Spider Web Catsuit £38          Halloween Devil Costume Pack £12

Cheeky Hands Halloween Mini Dress £25                 Skeleton Cut Out Back Mini Dress £28

Halloween Metallic Spider Web Body £20              Fluro Monster Eye Halloween Dress £25

Halloween Leggings in Skeleton Print £18             Worn by Halloween Cat Eye Dress £25

Worn By Halloween Oversize Bat T-Shirt £15        Halloween Disco Leggings in Cobweb £18

I hope this gives you some Halloween inspo – let me know what you’re planning to wear and leave me links to your YouTube tutorials. (Don’t forget if you’re a student you can get 10% off all year round at ASOS – my Unidays account runs out in January and I think I will cry!)

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