Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Top ASOS Sale Picks

From Top to Bottom (L-R)

ASOS Chevron Shift Dress with Sporty Trim £16.50

ASOS Scratchy Stripe Shift Dress with Raw Edge Trim £22.50

New Look Mongolian Faux Fur Gilet £27.50

ASOS Textured Cigarette Trousers £15

ASOS Sleeveless Top with D-Ring Detail £6.50

ASOS Shift Dress in Mono Stripe £14

Glamorous Cord A-Line Button Through Skirt £9

ASOS Duster Coat £42

ASOS Ankle Grazer Trouser in Stripe £10.50

When I got an email this morning and saw the subject ASOS 50% off sale I almost deleted it and pretended I hadn't seen it because I'm SO skint and should 110% not be purchasing any clothes for myself at the moment. In fact I don't even have any money to spend (xmas present expenses and all that). Then I thought to myself... now is the perfect time to pick out my favourite sale pieces and add them to my bag ready to swipe on Boxing Day - and with any luck they might get even cheaper!

Whilst I was at it I wanted to share my sale finds with you, in the hope of encouraging you to go and grab yourself a bargain. I don't know what it is about a good discount that makes me so happy but I'm literally obsessed with finding a deal for everything, be it food, clothes, tickets, literally anything (anyone else or is that just me?). Let me know below what you plan on buying! There's so much stuff on ASOS that it's impossible to see everything so I'd love to know what you find.



  1. LOOVE that skirt! Gorgeous! I also got that email and just deleted it because I cannot be tempted, not until after Christmas anyway! How did you manage to get all your images side by side like that? I can never seem to do it and the internet doesn't help me at all haha.. xo

    Char |

    1. I know me too! I actually screenshot the images and arranged them on paint to upload it as one image. Hope that helps xx

  2. You star Jess, I was hoping somebody would do a sale edit! So so tempted by that cord skirt.

    Kathryn xx |

    1. You're very welcome! Hope you had a fab Christmas Kathryn xx

  3. I can't believe how amazing the ASOS sale is, my wishlist has grown SO long :)

    Claire | xx

    1. Mine too! A few things were already out of stock by the time I got to the checkout too.. sad times xx

  4. Love your sale picks! Goodbye to the money in my bank account..



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