Monday, 26 October 2015

Lust List: Faux Fur Coats

I love this time of year, it's cold enough to start wearing a coat but not yet cold enough for you to hate the weather and not want to leave the house. Autumn is the perfect time to show off your favourite pieces before the baltic conditions of December are upon us and you're actually more bothered about wrapping up in scarves and gloves to keep warm than what you look like.

Fur coats are probably my favourite type of coat - however impractical they may be in damp and dreary weather there is no denying they just look that bit sassier than any other coat - and everyone loves a bit of sass.

So, here's my round up of the ten best high street (faux) fur coats..

Zara, £69.99
The burnt orange colour of this beauty from Zara reminds me of a vintage 1920's coat and I love it - it's pretty high on my pay day wishlist (along with the whole of Zara).

Missguided, £40
Perfect for evening drinks when the nights are chilly but you still want to look glamorous (if you buy before midnight on 26th October you can use the code 'brr20' to get 20% off all coats and jackets - bargain)

I don't usually shop in Dorothy Perkins but I saw this jacket on an online advert the other day and it caught my eye. I love the mint colour and also the cropped fit.

Warehouse £69
This coat is one of my favourite all-rounders. As the model shows it looks great with a casual plain black outfit that you could wear for a day out shopping but it would look equally great over a dress on a winter's evening.

ASOS £75 
As soon as I saw this it reminded me of Kate Moss. It looks like one of those coats you could shove on over a boring old outfit and suddenly look effortlessly cool. Plus it's leopard print so what's not to love?

Zara £69.99 
Another Zara number because Zara just know how to do coats.. and everything else for that matter. I also think there's something about this that looks a lot more expensive than it is which is always a bonus.
Tesco F&F £39 
I know, Tesco! Can you believe it? I couldn't. I actually saw this and another Tesco faux fur coat in a magazine yesterday and was super impressed as I would never usually think to shop there. I honestly think this could be mistaken for Topshop Unique and it's a fraction of the price.

Goldie London £89
Firstly, hair envy. Short bob and platinum blonde are two things I will probably never experience. Secondly, how gorgeous is this coat! The colour is everywhere at the minute and perfect for Autumn.
Goldie London £94
As much as I feel like I've parted ways with being an ultra girly girl there is something about the colour pink that I just can't help but love and I just love everyyyything about this blush pink beauty.

Topshop (by Goldie) £79
Last but certainly not least - and sticking with the pink theme - this longline fluffy number is sure to brighten up a dull wintery day and will keep you looking cosy and cute.

I literally can't wait for pay day this month - is it just me or has it been the longest month ever? I'm tempted to treat myself to the lovely brown Zara coat but I have promised myself to be sensible with money in November and only spend on essentials (we'll see how long that lasts). Let me know below which is your favourite!



  1. I've always loved faux fur, and have a few in my collection! Think that plain black Missguided one would make a delightful addition :)

    Claire | | xx

    1. Me too! Gutted I missed out on the 20% off but I might just have to get it anyway...

  2. Every piece is so unique! Would definitey buy some of these faux fur coats to add to my collection! x

  3. Hi Jessie!

    Love this post! I've nominated you for the liebster award! If you choose to accept, click the link below and follow the instructions :)

    Once you finished yours, leave me the link so I can have a read!

    Sophie xx

  4. I really love the grey fur coat from Warehouse! It's gorgeous! How did you manage to get your photo's side by side? I really seem to struggle and can never do it haha!xo

    Char |

    1. I know, it really is! I actually just google how to lay images side by side on blogger and found a html code that is really easy to use when you are writing a post in the html setting :) x


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