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21 Things You Realise at 21 Years Old

In August I hit the ripe old age of 21 (that was a joke by the way - it's hard to convey sarcasm over the Internet). Jokes aside, I do now feel I can fully class myself as an adult, and upon reaching adulthood there has been a few realities that hit me harder than expected along the way.

1. Working 9-5 is a lot more exhausting than it first seems - think about it, when is the last time you actually sat and concentrated for a whole 8 hours at a time? (well, yes there may be a lunch break but it's still hard I promise)

2. Nobody warns you about council tax - life is fine and dandy when you move out at 18 to embark on a tax-free student life for the next three or four years. You graduate, you find a job, you find a nice flat then, like a slap in the face... council tax hits you

3. From somewhere comes a sudden obsession with home interior. You are as willing to part with your money over a cushion as you once were for a pair of shoes (but obviously you still love shoes too)

4. Food fills your thoughts for a good 80% of the day. "Oh it's 10am which means I've been at work an hour, which means I deserve a snack" either with age comes a hefty appetite or thinking about food is just a form of procrastination

5. The cliché and slightly embarrassing motto 'live for the weekend' is actually relevant to you now. The thought of a proper night out and a whole day at work with a hangover is just, well, not even worth thinking about

6. You've suddenly started eating more poached eggs and avocado than you thought was humanly possible

7. One day you will realise that you actually like red wine and love a gin and tonic. When did that happen?

8. Food shopping at Waitrose is as exciting as clothes shopping. Pecorino and Basil dip - life changing (and also essential for crisp and dip evenings)

9. Which nicely leads to how you would much prefer a civilised wine and cheese soiree *cue the crisps and dip* over a night out (sometimes anyway)

10. Somehow you seem to have less money than when you only worked part time at 16. Maybe it was that £10 lunch yesterday? Or going out for dinner the night before? Or maybe you actually just spend all of your money on food...

11. You've reached the point where you are willing to try proper 'adult' food (squid, olives etc. etc.) and when you actually like them you are secretly proud of yourself for being such a cultured individual

12. For some reason you seem to be constantly running adult like errands such as "nipping to the Post Office" or "calling at the bank" and there is always a queue

13. How does one person create so much washing?! Now you know why your mum was fed up of life when you used to put clothes in the wash after wearing them for an hour. Soz mum

14. Toasters and irons and all that kind of fun stuff are something you really don't want to spend your money on. Who knew a pretty toaster and kettle set would set you back £100?

15. All of the childhood sweethearts you went to school with start getting engaged, having babies and paying a mortgage. CRAZINESS

16. If you're not in bed by 11pm you are instantly stressed about how tired you will be the next day. Gone are the days of student nights out and 4 hours sleep before a 9am lecture

17. You spend your days planning potential trips away in the sun and then realise you now only have a set number of holidays for the WHOLE year... Nooooooo

18. People start talking to you about pensions and different kinds of loans and it's all very confusing

19. You have reached the age where, if you're feeling like it, you can wear your smartest clothes for no apparent reason and get away with it (without looking like an overdressed child which is always a bonus)

20. You start to think about joining some kind of extra curricular activity like book club - or running club if you're cool like me - because you realise there are really not that many ways of meeting your significant other without a hobby (I actually just really like running but if I could meet my hubby along the way that would also be ok)

21. Even though with age comes responsibility, it's also fun to grow up so embrace it, enjoy it and you will be a happy little adult (most of the time - sometimes it's ok to be sad and get a McDonald's)


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  1. I'm 28 in January and I feel like this still pretty much applies to my life. Yes, I'm not ready to 'adult' yet. You're a few years away from getting the ol' 'why haven't you birthed a human yet?' so enjoy that while it lasts!

    If I could take anything away from 'growing up' it would be that hangover free days are a thing of the past. 1 large glass of wine equals a contemplated trip to A&E. You buy useless shit like 'herb scissors' - true story but the absolute worst is hearing a song from your youth being re-released/covered in the charts... KILL.ME.NOW!!

    Fun post!!

    Kirsty - Life in Excess

  2. Hahah this post pretty much sums up my life as a 21 year old! Number 16 is so true for me right now, I stress so much the night before work, that I end up getting no sleep at all and end up so tired at work the next day! Oh the joys of adult life eh? ;)

    Heather Xx

  3. I'm also 21 now. Fun times :D

    And the previous comment made me laugh, hang in there Kirsty :)


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