I'm Jessica, but you can call me Jess. If you're anything like me and love being nosey then this page is probably one of your favourite things to read so I'll try and make it interesting;

I was born in Bradford, attended University in Newcastle and now reside in Leeds where I also work as a PR Account Executive.

I have a degree in Fashion Communication from Northumbria University and no, that doesn't mean I spent three years learning how to tell people what to wear.

I love food more than I love most people and could eat a whole piece of brie in one sitting.

I rarely have any money but I couldn't tell you what I spend it on, ideally it would be clothes and make-up but in reality it's more like food and coffee.

I wish I could say I'm an excellent time-keeper but my biggest downfall is being late - sorry to my pals if you're reading this.

I'm a bit of a busy-body and can't sit still for very long

The little psychic fish that you get in a Christmas cracker every year describes me as "passionate"

I enjoy running, baking, drinking gin and wine (in moderation of course), poached eggs and avo on toast - yes, I am that person and finding a good bargain. 

So, there's a little insight in to me as a person. In regards to my blog it's a little bit of everything I enjoy, be it food, fashion or beauty. If you have any more questions then feel free to comment below or you can drop me an email at jessicajoseph@hotmail.co.uk. All of my social media links are in the sidebar too if you fancy stalking me on insta or tweeting me to say hello.

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