Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Interior: Bedroom

I don't know about you but my favourite blog posts to read and videos to watch are ones that tell you more about the person you are watching. I love seeing room tours and daily vlogs because you get to be that little bit nosier and find out what goes on behind the professional front that you usually see. 

I moved in to my flat in July and it was completely unfurnished which I was initially put off by due to the expense of furnishing the whole place but in hinds sight I'm really happy that it was. I've spent the last three years as a student living in bedrooms full of mismatched furniture and made a half-hearted effort to put my mark on them. I didn't really want to spend loads of money decorating a room that I would only be in for a year, plus when you're at University you rarely spend any time in your room. 

This time I had a fresh canvas and was ready for the challenge of decorating on a budget which I feel like I managed pretty well. As much as I struggle to admit it I'm definitely a girly-girl at heart and steering away from the blush pink and nude theme was a big refreshing step for me. I decided to stick to white and grey and also de-cluttered along the way and I love how it turned out. 

Top image:
Dressing table - Dunelm Mill
Jewel fairy lights and "18" decorations - presents so I'm not sure where they are from, sorry!
Brush holder (that every man and his dog owns) - IKEA

Bottom images:
Bedframe - IKEA
White stripe bed set - BHS
Cushion covers - H&M
Dreamcatcher - this was a birthday present but I think it's from Urban Outfitters
String of fairy lights - IKEA

Jewellery/trinket box - Ibiza 
Mosaic style candle holder - Turkey 
Cacti - IKEA 

Alien - Thierry Mugler
Viva la Juicy - Juicy Couture
Daisy Dream - Marc Jacobs

Pearled Jasmine candle - Clintons
Cactus - IKEA

Make-up storage - TK Maxx
Bubble lamp and desk chair - IKEA

Yorkshire Soap Company
Boux Aveunue

Glass and metal candle holder - this was a present but I think it's from M&S
Beaded photo frame - TK Maxx
Mosaic tea light holder - My mum's

The Ice Twins - S. K. Tremayne
The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
Us - David Nicholls



  1. I'm such a nosy person and love looking at people's interior! I was so close to buying those acrylic storage containers from TK Maxx but the only one they had there had a huge crack in it! I know muji sell them but they are a lot more expensive! Also am totally in love with your vanity dressing table. Once I move to my own place that's the first thing I'm getting! xx

    1. Me too! Definitely keep checking back as TK Maxx do a range of different sizes and shapes too and they're only about £8 so it's worth it. I'll look forward to seeing your post when you do move into your own place! xx

  2. Room goals! I can't wait to decorate a room properly as soon as I move out of my uni house.. I love a simple room spiced up with a couple of nice decorations.. lovely post x

    1. Thanks so much. I totally agree - decorations are definitely the way forward because you can redecorate so easily whenever you get bored! x

  3. Love the dream catcher =]

  4. Your bedroom looks so lovely and cosy! I have the little cactus pots in my room! They're too cute!

    1. Thanks Lauren. I know, how cute are they?! I love them x


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