Friday, 6 November 2015


October according to my iPhone

The start of Autumn
Adding the finishing touches to the flat 
Half-hearted Halloween (my outfit that is.. Halloween itself didn't disappoint)
Weekend in Manchester ft. fun night at Warehouse Project
Joining a new gym
A sudden obsession with mangoes
The last of the summery sunsets
Continuing to eat out.. against my own rules (oops)
Sticking to a running regime
Too much cocktail and gin drinking

It seems I've actually not taken as many photos to document this month - I must have been too busy enjoying it. As you can see I've apparently been appreciating nature a lot throughout October. I mean I do all year round but as I flicked through my camera roll all I could see was trees, leaves, skies and more trees... so I've just picked out a few pictures from my favourite parts of the month. Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are over it's the official countdown to Christmas and I'm ready to hibernate until then!

I feel like I haven't stopped to rest for a second since as long as I can remember (realistically probably since April). The final year of University was a whirlwind of working in a shop and a restaurant, doing uni work and still managing to go out at least twice a week. Finishing uni I had two days off between finishing my part time jobs and beginning my full time job and since then my weekends have been filled with visitors or visiting different cities for birthdays and other general fun. 

Of course it has been fun but this week I can say I have finally run out of steam.. I am pooped. My plan is to go home for the weekend and maybe, hopefully just possibly have a nice sleep in tomorrow... (praying I don't wake up at 8am, please no). I'm also going to visit the brand new and long overdue Broadway Bradford shopping centre and possibly fit in a daytime tipple if the new cocktail bar is open. 

What are you up to this weekend? 



  1. Haha I'm the same, never listening to my own rules! The photos look great! X

    Charli XCX 90s fun over on -

    1. Thank you lovely. I love the bomber in your boohoo post! May have to purchase after my no-spend November x

  2. Gorgeous photos! I will be studying French over the weekend and catching up on my beauty posts ;))

    1. Thank you Katya. Studying on a weekend, you are dedicated! I hope it goes well. I'll look forward to catching up on some of your posts over the weekend x

  3. Lovely pictures!! I always find myself too busy to take pictures whenever I go somewhere too, then I'm gutted :/

    Simee | Cup Of Simee ♥


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