Friday, 26 February 2016

The Blogger's Hangout | LFW

Last weekend I visited my favourite city to try and catch some of the London Fashion Week excitement and catch up with a few friends. I saw that the Bloggers Hangout were holding an event on Monday and stayed an extra day to go and check it out. There were loads of brands and bloggers involved so it was a great place to network and meet new people but it was super busy so I didn't stay for as long as I would of liked. 

The brands at the event ranged from beauty to food and drink and it was good to be introduced to some cool companies that I hadn't heard of before. I've linked all of the brands below so you can go and check out their websites if you see something you like the look of.



Lots of the food and drink brands offered natural, dairy-free or gluten-free ranges and it's nice to see this niche expanding as I have friends that are lactose and/or gluten intolerant that I know will be really excited about these products. I sampled a few flavours from the two coconut yoghurt companies COYO and The Coconut Collaborative, both dairy free, and I can confirm they're delicious. 

I still have a bag of goodies to try from the day that I haven't had a change to go through yet but I'm looking forward to trying the ARK skincare range as the products have been developed specifically for different age groups. I also picked up some samples of the matcha green tea from Bluebird Tea Co as I've heard so much about matcha and it's amazing qualities but I'm yet to put it to the test.

Being the ultimately clumsy and forgetful person I am I arrived at the event and my camera was dead, big oops. It was either on in my bag for two whole days and ran out of charge or I dreamt that I had charged it and in reality I hadn't (probably the latter). So unfortunately I only had my iPhone to take a few snaps on, luckily the camera has massively improved since the 3GS days so I hope you can still enjoy having a scroll through my photo diary.

The Naturally Coconuts dairy-free ice cream was a definite favourite out of everything I tried on the day. If no-one had told me I'd never of guessed it didn't contain dairy and that's exactly what the owners had tried to achieve. They didn't want it to taste artificial or want anyone with a dairy intolerance to feel like they were missing out on good old simple ice cream so they'd worked really hard developing the range. All of the flavours were flavoured using natural ingredients such as raw cacao and peppermint oil so it's also a great healthy alternative to regular ice cream.

The Hawaiian Fish Company had some great sushi samples on offer, being the massive foodie that I am it's pretty shocking that I've never actually tried sushi but this looked tasty so I took the plunge and picked up a pot. I was pleasantly surprised as I'd imagined the texture to be slimy and chewy but it was the opposite. The flavours of pineapple and crispy onion worked well with tuna too, I think I might even be a sushi convert.

The drinks at the refreshment bar were provided by Cocktail Mania, a service in London that caters to any event be it a birthday party or wedding - I'd recommend the rum punch, it was amazing!

Apologies for the truly terrible photo above but I didn't want to not include it as I needed to make a comment about the Pic's Peanut Butter - to die for. The ingredients are 100% natural and apparently the biggie as to why it tasted so good is because all of the peanuts are sourced from the same place. Other (cheaper) brands of peanut butter use a collection of peanuts from a range of different countries therefore the taste of each batch differs slightly but the Pic's range uses all of the same tasty peanuts and it actually makes a difference.

I did't get a chance to chat to that many people on the day because it was a challenge to move around the room but that just proves the day was a great success. I'm looking forward to the next event and hope to see some of you there!


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  1. Looks like such a lovely event, and I hope you had a good LFW!

    Claire | xx

  2. What a wonderful event. Sounds like you had a really great time. I like the fact that you've listed the brands as well.

    Lovely post.

    EL xx


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