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Boss Burgers | Chapel Allerton

I've been living in Chapel Allerton for over six months now and tried my fair share of the local eateries, but I can firmly confirm that Boss Burgers is one of my favourite food finds. I would call myself a burger connoisseur (not something to be proud of I know, but unavoidable when you've worked at McDonald's and one of Newcastle's best burger joints). So, I think I can provide a pretty knowledgeable opinion on what makes a great burger.

As well as Chapel Allerton the Boss Burgers team have restaurants in Hyde Park and Harrogate and also offer delivery so they're pretty widely available which is great. I've also noticed their website has had a pretty snazzy makeover so you should definitely go and check out the menu online. If you're anything like me and love a bargain you can grab 10% off Boss Burgers in Chapel Allerton on Mon - Thurs with a cara card, plus when you eat in you can get your loyalty card stamped which results in free food - what more could you want.

The restaurant itself is only small but the friendly service and relaxed atmosphere make it a really nice environment to dine in, even if you're the only table in there. The first couple of times at Boss Burgers I opted for "the goat's cheese and chilli one" which is possibly one of the best burgers I've ever eaten, a big claim to make I know. The slab of cheese is almost as big as the burger and let's be honest, you can never have too much cheese.

On my last visit I decided to mix it up a little and chose the special, a classic american burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and pickle. I was about to choose the goat's cheese again until the waiter overheard me dithering and egged me on to try the special as it was changing soon. I'm definitely glad he did as it was equally as tasty and now I can confidently recommend more than one burger on the menu.

My friend, Alice, went for the Moozadell burger with mozeralla, roasted pepper and caramelised onions and it looked absolutely amazing, I definitely had slight food envy. We also ordered a side of coleslaw and fries which was enough to share between two as the burgers are pretty hefty. I love homemade coleslaw, it always tastes so much fresher and I was also a big fan of the homemade rosemary mayonnaise - not two flavours I would originally place together.

On this occasion we left out dessert as we'd just nipped in on our lunch break (slightly extravagant for a working lunch I'm aware) but I know they stock the Northen Bloc ice creams that I would 100% recommend. I tried a few scoops at the Chapel Allerton festival in Summer and my favourite has to be the white chocolate and popcorn, followed closely by ginger caramel.

I love finding new places to share with my friends and hope these kinds of posts might give you guys some ideas of restaurants to try. I'm already excited to go back and try the next Boss Burgers special. What's your favourite burger joint? Let me know in the comments - I'm always on the lookout!


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  1. Yummy! Boss Burgers always seems to top any list of 'best burgers' and I see why... sounds delicious and I seriously need to get down there!


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