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Colour Pop ft. Zara and H&M

green suede h&m jacket

I'm back, with a late night post because who actually sticks to a blogging schedule? I appear to have a backlog of outfit posts from another shoot with the lovely Matt. I thought I should probably share them with you because soon enough the items won't be recent enough to buy any more.

The weather has been a weird one this week, hasn't it? Blazing sun over the weekend that turned to humid rain and cloud then back to sunshine. Although I'm not complaining, it was 26 degrees in Leeds on Saturday and if that's the hottest day we'll see this year at least it was an impressive temperature. Plus, it was bare legs and flip flops weather and there's no better feeling than digging out the flip flops at the start of summer.

zara and h&m summer outfit

This skirt is a very new addition to my ever expanding collection of jacquard/woven mini skirts, I love the scalloped edge and embroidery. It's really different to anything I currently own and the colours are perfect for summer. I'm hoping *fingers and toes crossed* to book a last minute summer holiday later in the year and this will be a staple holiday piece. As you can see, I'm paler than ever at the moment but the colours will definitely pop against a tan. I also think it'll look just as good with tights and long black boots in Autumn too (you've always got to think ahead in rainy England!).

I'm pretty sure my H&M slider flip flops were glued to my feet for a solid three months last year and I was praying the same style would be restocked at some point. They're the comfiest shoes ever and a fraction of the price of Birkenstocks, so I practically ran to them when I saw in-store last week. At £14.99 it's worth getting a pair in tan and silver too.

embroidered summer zara skirt

embroidered zara skirt

green suede h&m jacket

As you'll have seen in my March monthly update, or if you follow me on Instagram, I've taken a real liking to coloured jackets recently. I don't know what it is about the suede biker style but I keep getting sucked into buying them. It's great to be able to flick through your options and add a nice pop of colour to an otherwise boring outfit, or even to match another item, like this green jacket and the green accents on the skirt. Hence the temptation to keep buying more!

The one issue I have with this H&M number, and H&M in general more often than not, is that the size is completely inaccurate. I'm typically a size 10 but this jacket is a size 16, and even then there isn't much room for a thicker top underneath. It definitely puts me off ordering online, which is a shame, but I do think it's a good choice for reasonably priced, easy to wear clothes.

summer zara skirt

colourful summer outfit

I came across the jacket in-store and heard there was a deal to get 20% off when buying three or more items. I'd already picked up a jumpsuit, so naturally I went searching for a third item because I can't resist a deal (I honestly can't - it's like a real life issue). When I saw this summery crop top for £7.99 it was a no-brainer. It has a "cold-shoulder" cut-out effect that I didn't notice at first. I'm not usually a fan of that style but was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on.

zara skirt
green jacket

shore projects watch

Embroidered skirt - Zara
Jacket - H&M
Shirt - H&M

Watch - Shore Projects
Bangle - Pandora
Bracelet - Monica Vinader
Rings - Vintage and Pandora

Just as I'm finishing writing this post I can hear the patter of rain outside, which is always nice when you're going to sleep. Let's all hope that the sun comes back out for the weekend though, so we can frolic in flip flops and eat 99's from the ice cream van.

P.S. If you're a blogging gal in Leeds looking to get into fashion posts or fancy trying a shoot just for fun, I can't recommend Matt enough! He's really easy going which is great when you're nervous and not used to posing (I'm not the best at it - as you can tell). I'm just enjoying trying out new things and seeing where it goes from there.


Photo credit: Matt McCormick, visit his website here



  1. These shots are absolutely stunning! That skirt is so gorgeous too!! Love this whole look so so much!

  2. The jacket and skirt goes so well together! I'm looking to get more summer pieces like this!

    Would love if you check out my blog! Just followed you on twitter and instagram :)
    Raincouver Beauty

  3. lovely outfit! the jacket is gorgeous and the skirt too! lets indeed hope the nice weather comes back!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Fantastic skirt and great combination of colors!


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